Mary Willard Dies: Wife Of Actor Fred Willard Passes Away Suddenly At Age 71, Couple Had Been Married 50 Years


Wife of actor Fred Willard dies at 71.

Fred Willard’s wife was by his side throughout his career, offering support as he rose up from the world of improv comedy to notch a career in television and movies, and she remained by his side even during his most difficult moments.

Now, the 71-year-old Mary Willard has died, passing away suddenly this week. Radar Online reported on her passing, which was first related through Los Angeles entertainment reporter George Pennacchio on Facebook.

“Today, I learned my friend, Mary Willard, died unexpectedly last night at the age of 71. She was the loving wife of comedian Fred Willard but Mary was also a firecracker, full of love and laughs. She was kind, generous and supportive of her friends and her causes. May she Rest In Peace.”

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