Even NBA players have given up trying to beat the Warriors after DeMarcus Cousins’ stunning free agency decision


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  • DeMarcus Cousins is signing with the Golden State Warriors in a stunning free agency move.
  • Several NBA players took to social media to express confusion, frustration, and shock over the move.
  • The move is a gamble for the Warriors, and there’s no guarantee it’ll work out, but few people seem happy that they’ve gotten better this offseason.

Not everyone is taking DeMarcus Cousins’ decision to join the Golden State Warriors on a one-year deal in free agency lightly.

While some fans and media questioned and criticized the move, even NBA players felt defeated by the best team in the league adding an All-Star center, even if he is coming off an Achilles injury.

According to Basketball Insiders’ Alex Kennedy, one player didn’t even believe him when he broke the news.

Meanwhile, several other players took to Twitter to criticize the decision:

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams suggested the NBA playoff format may be ready to change (i.e. the top 16 teams make it, regardless of conference):

According to Kennedy, many other players feel the same way.

Of course, there’s more to it than the Warriors just adding an All-Star center in Cousins. Cousins is coming off a torn Achilles, an historically debilitating injury for basketball players. It’s unclear when Cousins will return, how effective he’ll be when he does, and how he’ll fit with the Warriors once he returns.

However, if Cousins does return and can play effectively, it would be a huge win for the Warriors, who have never had a big man like Cousins before. The two-time defending champions adding an All-NBA big man to their lineup can’t be something that pleases the rest of the NBA.

There are plenty of questions and outcomes for this signing. But on the surface, few seem happy that the Warriors have gotten even better this offseason.

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