Black Sarcophagus Fans Want To Drink The Red Liquid Found Inside Casket To ‘Assume Its Powers And Finally Die’


Red drink from an old mummy.

Thanks to the internet, there’s no shortage of people who want to band together for any common goal. This time, fans of the recently unsealed black sarcophagus want to do the unthinkable, which is to actually drink the red liquid that was found inside, according to the Verge.

The Scottish game producer Innes McKendrick started the petition, which is probably just a joke but has garnered tons of support. The petition was launched three days ago. And although it only gained 100 supports in the first day, as of today, there are 13,991 people who signed the petition. According to the page, the goal is to “drink the red liquid from the cursed dark sarcophagus in the form of some sort of carbonated energy drink so we can assume its powers and finally die,” whatever that means.

Experts believe that the red liquid is sewage, although the supporters of the petition don’t believe that to be the case.

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